How It Works


1. Design

All of our designs are technically and dynamically optimized based on the analysis of hundreds of faces. The basis for the design is the average face geometry of the target customers. The final product is a unique symbiosis between human, science, craftsmanship and technology.


2. Scan

The basis for each custom tailored eyewear frame is the recording of the customer´s individual face topography. As we use the newest generation of infrared scanning technology we guarantee the highest scan precision. This scan forms the foundation for each individual frame.




3. Custom Tailoring

Original design – individually fitted. Our self-developed algorithms work magic in that they enable the customer to have each frame dynamically adapted to each individual´s face topography, without losing the character of the original design.


4. Manufacturing

YOU MAWO made in Germany stands for the highest quality, manufactured with the most advanced production technology of the world. Further additive production technologies are enabling the individual production of complex structures with materials that are 30% lighter than acetate and significantly more durable.




5. Go to market

Our frames are exclusively sold via selected opticians. Delivery time for a custom-tailored frame is usually 3-6 weeks. We issue a satisfaction guarantee to each customer on the fitting of the custom-tailored frame.



FAQ on 3D Printed Eyewear