Our Story

Company History

Youmawo stands for „Your Magic World“. In a unique way, it re ects our mission and founding story.

The idea for the company was established 6 years ago on one of our numerous backpacking trips around the world. It was born in Thailand, on a deserted beach of Koh Phangan. One evening whilst relaxing and enjoying the sunset, we wondered what it was that drives us to visit new exotic places. We concluded that it was the magic of our world, which is so versatile and varied.


When you travel you get to know new people, cities, animals, plants and cultures, all of which are unique. The world is so diverse and every person is a unique individual but we still consume mass products, which do not respond to the individuality.


Our Vision

In particular, spectacles that merge with our face and character, are not individual. While there is a wide variety of frames available, there is no frame made just for you.

We wanted to change this! We therefore, embarked on a passionate journey, involving a lot of sweat and hard work, to develop a solution that allows us to offer each person an individually optimized frame. Based on a 3D scan of the face eleven parameters of the designer frames can be adjusted to ensure an optimum. After our team has optimized the frame, the spectacles are individually manufactured in Germany by using the latest additive manufacturing technology, selective laser sintering.

Welcome to the future!

Meet the team …

Daniel Miko
Head of Design, Product and
Stephan Grotz
Head of IT development
Sebastian Zenetti
Managing Director / Head of Sales
Daniel Szabo
Head of Strategy and