First serial glasses designed with the help of artificial intelligence


In 2023,YouMawo presents the second Capsule Collection launched as part of the You Mawo Design Lab.
The theme of this collection is dreams and dreaming.

YOU MAWO AI-ONE-twisted-temple

Inspired by the short story “Las ruinas circulares” (engl. The Circular Ruins) by Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges from 1944, the first model presented here was designed around the themes of dreaming within a dream, and making dreams a reality. The question of what is reality and what is a dream is a well-known theme in art and literature.

Surrealism, for example, as an artistic, or even more, a cultural and spiritual movement.

We have used artificial intelligence for the creation, quasi the dreaming, of a pair of glasses. Through textual input, a graphic image is created by AI.

This image, dreamed up by a machine, was in turn taken as the basis for generating a three-dimensional object and transferring it into reality through 3D printing. The result is the first serial glasses designed with the help of artificial intelligence:

The AI One model.

YOU MAWO AI-ONE-front-close-up

These are definitely unusual glasses. With this pair, the traditional design language of glasses is questioned and recreated, for example, a tilted bridge also forms a keyhole. The outer band forms the bridge and the nose rest. The jaw and temple section meander into the front and enclose the glass. The lens is open at the top.

These glasses look like they have risen from a dream.

YOU MAWO AI-ONE-hinge-close-up
YOU MAWO AI-ONE-close-up-1