LETO | Air Collection

LOGAN | Bold Collection

XANADU | Fine Collection

IDA | Classic Collection


We are happy to present, at long last, our four newest models. We have something new for each collection and are eager to discover how they will be received by you and, of course, by our customers.


Leto is a clean and streamlined pair of glasses. A sleek addition to the Air Collection. With its clear graphical design, the shape also works well in bold colours.


A cool, striking pair of male glasses for the Bold Collection. Big and squared with a clear split in the topline. A cool understatement, they fit as well with a classic suit as a track suit. Bearing the name of the highest mountain in Canada, they are the peak of their class.


A small, squared, panto-shaped pair of glasses. The rounding of the frame around the lens works within this style marvelously and they are a superb addition to the existing Fine Collection. Classical, elegant and timeless. Named after the ancient Chinese imperial city, whose glories were chronicled by Marco Polo.


Ida is a feminine piece of eyewear. With its soft floating lines it fits harmonically into the Classic Collection. A charming, uncomplicated design that gives the wearer a spring in their step. Everybody‘s darling, the one you would wish for as daughter-in-law, this frame is distantly related to the model Cupid from the Air Collection. Adding to its charm, it is named after a pair of mountains held sacred by the ancient Greeks.