New Releases
August 2022

A return to normal? Not with with our latest designs. Introducing 6 new models. You will discover references to vintage eyeware, an expansion to our sizes, the recalibrating of a popular style, and frames which are simply new and cool.


The small and delicate Ophelia is an very female Cateyeshape, which expands our Air Collection. A design reduced down to the essentials, in a small size, which captivates with its fine and curvy lines. It is named after a moon and of course the character from Shakespeare‘s Hamlet.


Gordo is a cool, oversized aviator shape with a double bridge. The icing on the cake is the slightly forward position of the top bridge. Named after Monte Gordo on the Cape Verde Islands, which is less than 1 million years old and therefore pretty young, corresponding to the youthful wearer of this model.


Brixton is a classic pair of male glasses, which refers with its bridge shape very clearly to vintage models. It comes in the perfect standard size and will fit almost every face. Given its classical coolness, it deserves a fitting name. Therefore we called it Brixton, after the hip, multicultural district in London.


A very conservative shape with balanced proportions and a keyhole bridge. This model has the potential to become a new classic and suits the lawyer as well as the designer. Named after an Antarctic glacier, our Nash doesn‘t manage to be quite as cool, but due to the current climate crisis, may well outlive its namesake.


The new pantoshape for the Bold Collection. A very elegant mid temple pair of glasses, which can be worn by women and men. Cultivated, elegant, and chic, without being lofty or exaggerated. The wonderful name Payette derives from a protected forest territory in the US.


The Scattery model adds a new facet to the Fine Collection, referencing designs from the seventies and nineties. A strong bend in the top view, together with rounded surfaces and the delicacy of the frame, give this minimalistic Aviator a sporty elegance. This urban, cool design was named after an abandoned island off the Irish coast. New Instagram hot spot?