YOUMAWO has not been around a very long time, but there is something important that we have already learnt. Our technology can actually help people. We have received a number of amazing emails from parents, who have kids with down syndrome or are autistic, unable to find glasses anywhere. Either they don’t fit or they break very easily, until they found their individual YOUMAWO frame, which allowed them to tailor it specifically to their needs.  It makes us proud to know that we can help to make this world a bit better – one tiny step at a time.
What are we proposing?
As part of the “Youmawo Cares” program, we want to help families which have cases of down syndrome or autism, which prevents them from finding proper eyewear. In this case, we are only charging 1 EUR for our frames (due to tax reasons, we have to charge you with a small symbolic price – look at it as a token of appreciation ;))
What does that mean?
Well before you start celebrating, please be aware that we can only discount our products. We only produce the frames, but not the glasses – therefore we are dependent on the help of the opticians. Even if we charge you only 1 EUR for the frame, that does not mean, that the optician is not going to charge you for the glasses. We’ve seen that the majority of our opticians follow our lead and only charge a small token for their services and the actual costs for the glasses which fit into our frames.
How does it work?
It is quite simple – there are a couple of rules (see below), but if you are eligible, then please go and visit your optician – mention that you would like to make use of the Youmawo Cares program. The optician will then use our technology to scan and select the appropriate frames and submit the order to Youmawo, where we will manufacture the frame. Once that is done, we will ship the frame back to the optician, who will fit it with the glasses. Ready for your pick-up!
When it comes to the payment, we need a copy of your photo-id disability pass along with the build number of the frame (printed on the inside of your frame). Simply submit this, by sending an email to We will then waive our costs for this frame on our bill to the optician.
Nothing can be without rules – unfortunately we also have some:
– “Youmawo Cares” only applies to the cost of the frames – not to the glasses nor any other additional expenses, such as postage-fees or any other services that the optician has to supply. Therefore please ask your optician beforehand, if they participate in our program and how much the glasses will cost you.
– “Youmawo Cares” only applies to default polyamide-only frames, excluding sun-glasses and other materials, such as metal or horn.
– “Youmawo Cares” is limited to 1 frame per person.
– Only people/kids with down syndrome or autism are accepted for the “Youmawo Cares” program.
– We can only reimburse the optician, after we received a copy of the disability pass (with a photo id and name printed on it), as well as a copy of the final invoice. Remember to send this to us by email to
– There has to be some fineprint somewhere, as we also have to protect ourselves, therefore Youmawo reserves the right to deny your claim for the “Youmawo Cares” program.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us: