Sustainability - All you need, without the waste


Since our early days, we are doing everything to be as sustainable as possible. Our production in Germany is based on demand, not producing stock. Through timeless design we encourage our customers to consume responsibly and by constantly adjusting our manufacturing techniques to the latest standards and technologies, we push ourselves to treat our resources with the highest respect.

Climate neutral

In collaboration with “Fokus-Zukunft”, we made sure to reduce our CO2 footprint to a bare minimum. Since January 2021 we are a climate neutrally certified company.

100% Made In Germany

Our entire creation, manufacturing process and crafting is carried out in Germany. Such as the production of the base-, finishing- and dyeing materials.

Nerdy fact: our CO2 emissions are 3x less than the traditional eyewear industry

In collaboration with our technology partner EOS and the Fraunhofer-Institut, we carried out a scientific study, focusing on a sustainability lifecycle analysis, comparing our manufacturing processes to the traditional acetate production.

Save the Oceans

Of course we use water in our production, but keeping it clean with a closed water cycle. Ocean plastic? No, thanks. Thinking of the environment globally, we partnered with Clean Hub and Green Worms Waste Management from Edavanna, India, to make sure plastic is recycled locally, not littering our beautiful oceans. For every pair of glasses we sell, we make sure twice the amount of plastic waste generated during production and shipping is collected and recycled. This lead us to be plastic positive since July 2021.

Conservation of Rainforests

Balancing our emissions, we support projects protecting the Peruvian rainforest holistically: illegal logging, small farmers and the preservation of their crops, animal and plant species. Reaching savings at around 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.