About You Mawo

About us… but it's actually more about you

The average pair of glasses comes in only one size. But anyone who’s ever seen a human knows that faces don’t.

Your face is as individual to you as your fingerprint or your DNA. The same should be true of your eyewear. With this great idea in mind YOU MAWO became what it is today. Our 3D-printing technology produces glasses that are 100% customized to a highly detailed scan of your face. It means that for every pair of glasses and for every face, a precise fit like never before. Technology in service of the individual.

We believe that eyewear should be about you. Your eyes. Your vision. The way you see the world, and the way the world sees you. There are billions of ways that two eyes, a nose and a mouth can be configured on a face. And we have a perfectly fitting pair of glasses for each one


Since our early days, we are doing everything to be as sustainable as possible.


Faces come in billions of shapes and sizes. Eyewear should do the same.