A summer through tinted lenses

“Mango Tango,” “Tea Green,” and “Honolulu Blue” – these names mentally transport us to a sunny summer vacation and invite us to view the world through tinted glasses. With the new models “Minto” and “Sorol” from our Design Lab collection, we reinterpret the essence of Windsor rings in our own way. Their classic shapes and gentle roundness give them a completely new, clean look. The elegant two-tone design, perfectly complemented by tinted lenses, captures the charm of the season.

Minto, a round panto shape, and Sorol, a rectangular mid-setter, are designed clean and modern, without compromising on style and functionality. Their names are inspired by atolls, ring-shaped reefs, which naturally connect to the flowing shaping of the original idea of Windsor rings. Natural beauty and continuous innovation embodied in these models.


The lense color palette from “Mango Tango” to “Tea Green” and “Honolulu Blue” offers the perfect model for every taste. The elegant two-tone design and carefully selected tints make these glasses stand out. Minto and Sorol are not just accessories but expressions of individual style and personality.


Experience summer through tinted lenses with Minto and Sorol and enjoy the world in full colors. Discover the timeless elegance and innovative design language that distinguish these models. Immerse yourself in the world of YOU MAWO and find the perfect sunglasses in our collection.


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