YOU MAWO CARES – A beacon of compassion and inclusion

Portrait Marina Lewandowski ©️Sabine Lewandowski

YOU MAWO CARES – A beacon of compassion and inclusion

Commitment to Social Responsibility

At YOU MAWO, we are dedicated to actively supporting individuals with special needs through the innovative program, YOU MAWO CARES. This initiative offers customized eyewear solutions at accessible prices, reflecting our deep commitment to social inclusion and the vital role that businesses can play in society. It showcases the harmony between social responsibility and business success.

The genesis of YOU MAWO CARES

Launched six years ago, YOU MAWO CARES has evolved into a cornerstone of our social outreach. The program was initiated to aid families, particularly those with members suffering from Down Syndrome, who face difficulties in finding appropriate eyewear. By offering custom-fitted frames from YOU MAWO at a nominal fee of only 1 Euro, we offer substantial financial relief to these families. While this special offer is limited to the frame and does not include lenses or additional optician services, it underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of the individual.

1. Target audience and impact

YOU MAWO CARES is specifically tailored for individuals with Down Syndrome, who often struggle to find standard eyewear suitable for their unique facial structures. Feedback from affected families often points to the challenges with conventional glasses – either not fitting well or breaking easily. Our customized glasses provide a long-lasting and comfortable solution, highlighting the significance of personalized fitting and demonstrating YOU MAWO’s dedication to addressing specific needs to enhance daily living.

2. Program Mechanics

The YOU MAWO CARES program allows families to purchase frames for just 1 Euro in a straightforward and user-friendly process. Customers can visit any participating optician, where a detailed facial scan is conducted. Based on this scan, an ideal eyewear model is selected and ordered. This process ensures that the glasses are not only stylish but also practical and comfortable, catering to the unique requirements of each customer.

3. Collaborating with YOU MAWO Opticians

A pivotal element of the YOU MAWO CARES program is our collaboration with opticians, easily located through our store finder. After the facial scan and selection of the model, the optician forwards the order to us. We handle the crafting of the custom frame and return it to the optician, who fits the necessary lenses. Each pair of glasses is marked with a unique 6-digit ID, ensuring a transparent and traceable process for everyone involved. Additionally, we offer the option to engrave your name on the frame for a personal touch.

4. The Discount Procedure

To utilize the discount, customers are required to send a copy of their disability ID and the eyewear’s identification number to The optician assists throughout this process, simplifying it for the customer. This approach guarantees that the program is both accessible and easy for the target audience to use.

5. Offer Limitations

It’s important to note that the offer is limited to one pair of glasses per individual and necessitates specific documentation to redeem the discount. These guidelines are in place to ensure that the program effectively reaches and assists those in greatest need.

YOU MAWO CARES exemplifies the synergy between technology and empathy. This initiative not only meets the unique needs of individuals but also plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for families dealing with extraordinary challenges. Our bond with the community and our aspiration to make a positive impact motivate us to continually explore new ways to extend our support to more people.

Portrait: Marina Lewandowski ©️Sabine Lewandowski


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