Cool Shades for Summer: Embracing Nostalgia, Futurism and Timeless Classics

Your summer look hinges on the right pair of sunglasses. What attitude suits us this summer?


The best summer moments are experienced in the streets of your city. If GROVER were a person, she would ride a motorcycle, quite fast, especially in the Tokyo of 2055. But even today, you can wear her and admire the details of the elegant design, such as the seamless transition from the temple to the front. Grover is named after the Grover Hot Springs, hot springs in a California national park. A hot piece.

Grover | 21/evergreen


Yearning for a journey back to the millennium? When nostalgia meets the contemporary, a fascinating connection between past and present emerges. We celebrate this with a revival of designs that shaped the turn of the century.

CALEDON embodies zeitgeist with a touch of madness. Whether on vacation, at the club, or on the runway, unisex – truly for everyone. It is named after a South African town with centuries-old thermal springs. A refreshing and invigorating model.

Caledon | 20/electric violet

PICA is also inspired by the turn of the millennium. An oval lens design with a tapering facet characterizes the front view of the glasses, while all lines and surfaces run towards the temples. This creates a “wrap-around” effect and invites you to delve deep into the matrix. Pica is named after a location in Chile, an oasis amidst the Atacama Desert. Known for its hot springs and famous for the lemons used in the original preparation of the Whiskey Sour.

Pica | 19/chalk white


At first glance, ARTA may seem like just a pair of sunglasses with a classic look. However, the very angular lens shape and the upper rim, which seamlessly transitions into the temple, contrast with the gently curved upper line reminiscent of 1960s glasses. Another refined detail is the inwardly shifted rear edge of the frame outside, which further emphasizes the flatness of the lower rim. The Arta Terme, a municipality in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy, lent its name to this model. Since ancient times, there have been thermal springs there that are as relaxing as this model.

Arta | 21/evergreen


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