The Essence of Roundness

The captivating allure of rounded aesthetics plays a big role in our latest eyewear drop. Three models epitomize how beautiful timeless roundness can be. From the lenses to the temples, every detail embodies the soft line composition and harmonious interplay of smoothness.   RUBY Unapologetically bold and irresistibly eye-catching, Ruby demands attention with its larger-than-life […]

A summer through tinted lenses

“Mango Tango,” “Tea Green,” and “Honolulu Blue” – these names mentally transport us to a sunny summer vacation and invite us to view the world through tinted glasses. With the new models “Minto” and “Sorol” from our Design Lab collection, we reinterpret the essence of Windsor rings in our own way. Their classic shapes and […]

Cool Shades for Summer: Embracing Nostalgia, Futurism and Timeless Classics

Your summer look hinges on the right pair of sunglasses. What attitude suits us this summer? FUTURISM The best summer moments are experienced in the streets of your city. If GROVER were a person, she would ride a motorcycle, quite fast, especially in the Tokyo of 2055. But even today, you can wear her and […]

New Collections: An ode to timeless elegance and refined style

Explore the artistic masterpieces of our latest collections and immerse yourself in the subtle fusion of classical grace and contemporary sophistication. The innovations within the exquisite designs of our CLASSIC and AIR collections not only embody the pinnacle of craftsmanship but also a nuance that accentuates the taste for luxury and style.

The beauty of eyewear finds its latest manifestation in the artistic creations of our CLASSIC and AIR collections at YOU MAWO. These models are not mere accessories; they are true works of art that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with modern sophistication.   CLASSIC A touch of history with contemporary flair CELIO Inspired by the graceful […]

YOU MAWO CARES – A beacon of compassion and inclusion

Portrait Marina Lewandowski ©️Sabine Lewandowski

YOU MAWO CARES – A beacon of compassion and inclusion Commitment to Social Responsibility At YOU MAWO, we are dedicated to actively supporting individuals with special needs through the innovative program, YOU MAWO CARES. This initiative offers customized eyewear solutions at accessible prices, reflecting our deep commitment to social inclusion and the vital role that […]


Sunglasses - Summer Edit

As the scorching sun commands attention and summer dawns upon us in all its resplendent glory, it becomes imperative to arm ourselves with the quintessential and stylish companion – sunglasses! These fashionable marvels effortlessly add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit, transforming a simple ensemble into a fashion statement that speaks volumes […]


AI-ONE Eyewear designed with Artificial Intelligence

The first pair of glasses, created with the support of artificial intelligence In 2023, YouMawo presents the second capsule collection, which launched as part of the You Mawo Design Lab. The theme of this collection is dreams and dreaming. Inspired by the short story “Las ruinas circulares” (Eng. The Circular Ruins) by the Argentine writer […]


WHAT ARE 3D PRINTED GLASSES? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF 3D PRINTED EYEWEAR? In principle, 3D printing works like any normal printer, but printing in three dimensions. There are many natural uses for 3D printing – for example for prototypes and model parts. 3D printing as a manufacturing method for glasses has many advantages. Enormous […]